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The modern Elstead Lighting specializes in the design and manufacture of products that blend quality and style, whether they are classic or contemporary in appearance. Based in the heart of the Hampshire countryside in Alton, England. Elstead uses modern methods and machinery.


They produce innovative lights and lighting systems with great passion and precision design. They have highly qualified staff that are able to implement custom designs, as well as highly complex projects, with the most modern CNC and robot technology available.


Secom is a Spanish company founded in 1986. Since the very beginning, the company set as its main goal the manufacture of high-quality light fittings aimed to improve the standard of life of the end user.Secom pays special attention to safety standards.


With passion and experience ciciriello lampadari accommodate every request inherent in objects for lighting, bathroom furniture and home accessories. Ciciriello Lampadari products are the result of research quality and to offer customers the ultimate visual and aesthetic pleasure.


CRISTALSTRASS is synonymous with the finest in home furnishings, design and luxury with sophisticated collections that bring the ultimate sparkle and demarcate the individual styles of homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, clubs and boutiques worldwide.


TEC-MAR Company offers a wide range of lighting fixtures for inside and outside solutions, characterized by a continuous research and manufacture of products MADE IN ITALY, with creativity, care and high expertise.


Steinel is specialized in sensor systems, sensor-switched lighting and heat tools.


Metalux is global technology leader in lighting power management solutions that make electrical and mechanical power operate more efficiently, reliably, safely and sustainably.


Ailati has achieved a specific identity in the decorative and technical lighting market. It expresses the beauty and uniqueness of opal glass, which offers an attractive light that is evenly and softly diffused, combining it with the most innovative technology.


A company committed since ever in constant investment in research and innovation, aiming at higher product quality, faster response times to market queries, with a competitive supply and service package.Their own internal laboratory certified by the Italian Quality Institute


Tavcam produces crystal precious stone and quality glass products. Along the path of change in light experiences the living in the future of custom-saw that the original designs.


Novalux has always believed in the strategic role of innovation to be able to offer customers cutting- edge technology.The certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 shows that Novalux believes in the continuos improvement oriented to the customer satisfaction.


Lipom lighting follow the Tailor Made system with unique models far each circuit. Lipom Lighting provide a vast choice to the customers with their up to date models and high quality items paying the utmost importance to customer satisfaction.

EAE Lighting

EAE Lighting is concentrated on professional interior lighting.Company policy is to supply state-of-the-art products, together with specialized professional support so as to minimize energy and maintenance costs, while maximizing efficiency, safety and environmental conformity.


In 1984 the Voltolina brothers, heirs to a long Venetian tradition in the processing of glass, decided to diversify their manufacturing by producing high quality cut glass for lighting systems.



Mature and optimized quality management based on ISO certification guarantees the quality and reliability to be expected of zalux products. For them, the quality control of each product is as natural as the careful selection of suppliers.


LCZ Lighting commitment to business, home, and LED lighting, set design, production, sales as one of professional company, the products are mainly exported to Europe and the United States. The adhering to lead the design concept of the aesthetic of the times, the quality is perfect.